Cristiano: “The secret of my success? I have no secrets. There are no secrets...

by Federico Coppini

Cristiano: “The secret of my success? I have no secrets. There are no secrets. For me the key is determination and hard work. It's giving 100% all the time. If someone asks me if I have a secret, work would be the only thing I would tell you”.

Cristiano: “In my career I only went to important clubs. Players at my age, with all due respect, go to Qatar or China to finish their careers. If I still want to achieve something, I can do it”. Cristiano: “I, for what I have done in football and for what I continue to do, I will be known all my life.

When I grow older, at 90, people will remember who Cristiano Ronaldo was. Because of statistics and numbers that do not deceive”. Cristiano: “You have to work; I try to do it almost every day. It's not luck, it's because I work extra off the field.

My obsession with making money and being successful, I only work for this”. Cristiano: “It's not about the hours you invest, but the way you train. What I do is give everything to every workout or every time I go to the gym.

I leave everything. It is dedication and hard work. I dedicate 100% to football”. Cristiano: “Talent is not enough. I have dedicated myself so much that this is part of me, records are part of me. I don't follow records, records follow me.

I love doing this job, I love football. This is my passion”. Cristiano: “Nobody will be the next Cristiano, because I don't compare myself to anyone and I don't want the boys to compare themselves to me. If you compare yourself to others, you will never be successful.

My advice is: be yourself, believe in yourself, be serious and be professional”. Cristiano: “There is no secret. There is work, dedication, and being obsessed with being someone in life. It is following your dreams.

If you want to become a footballer, engineer or any other profession, work towards it. You have to give everything. Believe in yourself. Work hard to make you what you dream of being. Everything is possible in this life”. It is not arrogance, it is trust. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo