4 tips to follow to improve your tennis

1. Accept the fight as part of the fun of this sport without wanting to get rid of it in a hurry. You will have to learn to play long when it is necessary, building the point; and when you have the possibility like when your opponent keeps the point short, enters inside the court and goes to the net or closes the point too. Going to the net, trying to always make him play on the spot where he has less confidence and control, remember that always knowing what to do is one of the secrets of the success of this sport! (GAME PLAN, GAME IDENTITY)

2. Remember that tennis is a sport that is played one point at a time, so stay with your mind firmly rooted in the present moment by staying focused on the NOW, stay attached to the match, fighting point by point, do not look for excuses or alibis otherwise you will end up believing it and you will get out of the fight! Remember that it's not over until it's really over, so every fucking point counts in this sport, so try to order your body, for it to do what you're asking and not to go out of your way, because the body is naturally inclined not to listen to you, you have to subdue it with willpower. 

3. When you feel discouragement, fatigue, the desire to give up, fear, and tension in playing the crucial points, talk to your "body", encourage it, support it, be kind and not rigid with it, be patient and enjoy tennis instead of being dictated by it, think of the wonderful opportunity you have to do what you are doing but also enjoy the suffering and sacrifice and fatigue because without these virtues you will be playing on a play station not tennis! (MANAGEMENT OF EMOTIONS)

4. Become a real warrior like Rafa, which does not mean shooting all the balls but taking control of the match by going to take the game instead of trying not to lose it, shows a warrior-like attitude towards the match and your opponent! Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite song before starting to play to recharge yourself and not give up, play point by point, game by game, and set by set!