Some scattered thoughts to improve your approach to what you love

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Some scattered thoughts to improve your approach to what you love

Dream about the stars, but keep your feet on the ground! 

The hardest thing is deciding to start. So, first of all GET STARTED!
Action activates motivation, and not the other way around.
In the meantime, get rid of perfectionism. It will block you!
Perfectionism will seduce you and make you its prisoner. Then it will abandon you.

Being “good enough” is better than being perfect.
Tell yourself that if you can't do everything you’ve set out to do, you can at least do it for 10 minutes. Set the timer to 10 minutes and when the 10 minutes are up, you can stop. You will see that sometimes you will never stop.
So some athletes who hated to read carefully read books to help them. Every day, minimum two pages, maximum 10. Sometimes they rebelled and read more.
Form habits!
Habit is a pattern that creates repeated behaviours that you don't have to think about anymore and that has a greater scope than motivation.

Develop discipline
Discipline is a skill that develops through repetition, like muscle memory until the action becomes easier and takes less effort to do.
Look for a place or time in your schedule where you can't be bothered. Maybe early in the morning, find it yourself!

Relax. Break away! After each action, take a pause and reset yourself. Create a routine. Life is not a marathon, it is a continuous sprint marathon.

Take care of yourself 
Find out what your needs are and meet them. Spread between the needs, the things you need, and the desires, things you want, but which are not within the realm of your needs. Put need above desire.
Needs met help us climb higher and higher towards self-pity.

Know yourself. What motivates you: the results, the competition, the likes of those around you, the mastery, the people, the awards, the attitude, the self-esteem, or the hierarchy? Organize yourself to serve the way you best respond to what motivates you.

When it's time, the motivation changes.
Love what you do! To love means to invest, and to invest means, to be totally involved. It is much easier to do what you do with pleasure.

Look for a meaningful purpose, a special meaning for what you do, that personal “why” that gives meaning to your decisions and your commitment. You want it to be worth it, don't you?