Understanding why the mind is the basis of every success

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Understanding why the mind is the basis of every success

Our attention is increasingly directed towards the outside world. We look outside ourselves to seek approval, observe idols and measure the goals achieved, we look outside for what, in reality, can only be found within us.

To be successful it is essential to work exclusively on the internal part of ourselves.

Inner excellence is a way of thinking and acting, it is a mentality according to which we accept that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions, regardless of the difficulties we encounter.

To achieve our dreams and goals we must learn to use the mind to stay focused during performance, steadfast in the face of adversity and motivated during moments of boredom.

This mental strength is built through training and commitment... just like you can do with any skill.


A very important thing to remember is that the mind works BETTER when we are told what to do rather than what not to do!

When we give it a negative order the mind will completely ignore the negation and the body will perform exactly the undesired action.

Let's take a concrete example: let's take a skier who is about to undertake an off-piste path... here, if he tells his mind to focus on avoiding the trees... his focus will be precisely on the trees, causing him to crash into them. Instead, he should focus his mind on the free corridors he can pass through.

We need to focus on what we want to do and achieve, rather than on obstacles or what we fear.

Remember that actions follow thoughts and mental images: we have to look in the direction we want to go and not where we don't want to!!!


A lot of times, I am asked how to control the mind... what is the key element to get to have power over the mind.

My answer is always the same.... TRUST IN YOURSELF! Only when we feel safe can we relax and give the best of ourselves. Having self-confidence is the fundamental pre-requisite to be able to gain control of your mind and direct it where you want to go... towards your dreams and/or goals.

The second question I am asked is: How can I improve my self-confidence?

Here too the answer is always the same: PREPARATION.

When we prepare ourselves adequately, we remove the tension... we lower the stress, because if we perform an action or simulate a situation in advance, when it is the moment of the actual performance, we will have a feeling of total control that will make us feel like we are at ease: because, we would’ve had already seen and prepared for it!

Physical preparation, for example, gives an athlete confidence in his technical abilities, while mental preparation prepares him for the circumstances and here the visualization comes into play: the great athletes do an enormous job of visualization and not only are the best scenarios possible imagined, but also how they would react to unpleasant, difficult and complicated situations.

ATTENTION: they do not focus on the problems themselves, but on how they would react to them! Otherwise, they would enter the negative spiral we talked about at the beginning of the article!

Next week I would go to deepen the concept of visualisation, how to avoid sabotaging ourselves, and how to turn dreams into reality...