Are you really willing to reach your goals?

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Are you really willing to reach your goals?

Behind someone’s success there’s years and years of work that nobody sees. The will to win is important, but the will to prepare to win is even more important.

Are we really willing to put in the effort and commit ourselves to make our dreams come true?

Talent alone is not enough. Every champion has failed and has fallen a lot of times.
Successful people, like successful tennis players, are the ones who never give up. And when the going gets tough, it's the discipline that will get you to your destination! Being disciplined means doing what you have to do, when you have to do it, regardless of any other circumstances.

Another important factor concerning commitment is that of accepting one's weaknesses and working on them until they are transformed into strengths.
It is easy to do the things that are good for you... but less easy to devote body and soul to improving what you cannot... that creates problems for you... that makes you suffer when you are facing it. But only if you put your head down and work on your weak points... will you be successful. This is in tennis as well as in life!
You need to feel inadequate, weak and poor.... to be able to climb.
As I write this... focusing inwards is a big sacrifice... because not everyone wants to get out of their comfort zone, they don't want to work hard on what makes them suffer, they don't want to consider their weaknesses: they prefer to feel good and work only on what they do well!

To be successful it takes ambition, but also humility.

In order not to be discouraged, however, there is a trick: you must not aim for perfection, which stresses you unnecessarily, but simply pursue improvements.
One step at a time... even just improving 1% every day!

One last point I would like to add about hard work is that we can't do our best if we get distracted. If we want to devote our energy and our time to achieving a goal, it is essential to stay focused, and to do this we must eliminate distractions, and surround ourselves with people with similar intentions to ours. Often the commitment does not lie in saying yes to something, but in saying no to the rest.