Do external circumstances control you or destroy you?

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Do external circumstances control you or destroy you?

We would like to have a nice vegetable garden, but we are not ready to do what’s necessary like, ploughing it well, and buying good quality seeds, and even waking up early to water the patch well. We would like the garden to take care of itself. In the same way, we want to change our lives, but we are not ready to change ourselves first. It's like we want to make a good cake and then we get angry at the oven because the cake burned: where were we while the oven was doing its job? Why weren't we careful and ready to take it off at the right time?

We are the ones who must control our attitude in front of circumstances to be able to achieve the set result!

We must work hard and give our all to make things go the way we want them to go. And we can also see this in our tennis: we are totally responsible for what we are doing... circumstances don't change the cards on the table. They can possibly cause complications but in the end it's always up to us to manage everything in the best possible way.

Suffering is the result of a lack of mental harmony

When we suffer, it means we are cultivating wrong thoughts.

The root, the real cause (and not the effect) of our sufferings is in our way of thinking.

When we stop attributing the causes of our failures and dissatisfactions to the outside world, that's where real progress begins. There we begin to be the creators of our destiny.

Things are fine as they are, and the universe is perfect: when we change our way of thinking, of seeing people and situations, everything changes as if by magic.

Thoughts of peace and serenity are transformed into gentle and calm actions, which create a peaceful and joyful life. Energetic, altruistic, and abundant thoughts transform into actions of generosity and prosperity, which manifest into a life that’s full of satisfaction.

Is the healthy body also a consequence of our way of thinking?

Our health directly depends on what we think because our body unconsciously responds to our mind. If we have good thoughts, our body follows us, if we have negative thoughts and sickness, the body still obeys us. Sure, it seems simple to think this way, but if we think about it, it’s not. Are we really willing to believe that everything starts from thoughts? When we have a headache that splits our heads in two, are we willing to stop for a moment and reflect on its origins? Or do we prefer to take a pill to put an end to the pain, without realizing that the cause may be a bad thought?

Good, positive, sunny, cheerful, vital thoughts nourish a healthy, vigorous, and robust body.

At 100 years, we can be in excellent health. The wrinkles of sympathy, of those who have laughed a lot, and of those who have shared magical moments with loved ones, are very different from the wrinkles of those who have been so worried and have not experienced the joy of fulfilment. There is no better medicine than happiness, a reflection of sunny and radiant thoughts, to age peacefully.

The importance of uniting thought and intention to achieve one's mission

Most people lead a life without goals, without a purpose, and without the heart's desire. Whether it's a spiritual or material goal, each of us should always have it in mind, it should be the lighthouse of our lives.

“Dreams are the seeds of reality.”

Having purpose allows us to focus our thoughts, and automatically our mind aligns towards the goal, letting go of what is not needed. It is a way of clearing the mind of what is superfluous and harmful, and of building character and willpower.

Having a goal strengthens us, failure doesn't scare us, because we're pursuing a dream, a mission, and at that point, failure will have already been contemplated; and we’ll be knowing that not everything will be fine, but despite all odds, everything will turn out fine.

Once we have chosen a goal, we must align ourselves with it: doubts, hesitations, and second thoughts cannot be part of our repertoire, because they will block the path we have taken. We select our thoughts; we literally close the door on doubts and hesitations and off we go towards our adventure.

So, our thoughts MUST align with our purpose.

We have total responsibility for what happens to us, and thus, our reality is born from our thinking.

Sufferings and joys germinate within us first: as we think, so we become.

To achieve our noblest goals, we must elevate our thoughts, clean them, polish them, and make them serve us. We need to give up all those devastating thoughts we tend to wallow in (and we all have this habit). The trait is too strong, and no one has ever explained to us that we can reject certain thoughts and welcome only the good ones.

We must confidently believe in our purpose and try to achieve it in every way; by doing so, we will not only become better people, but will also be helped by the universe, which admires the bold.

If we have a vision in our hearts and we cherish it, we allow ourselves to feed it, to externalise it, and one day, sooner or later, we will realise it.

Our vision is what we will ultimately become, so it is best to have beautiful and positive ones.

“Our suffering and happiness evolve from within us. As we think, so we are; as we continue to think, so we remain.”

We can also find ourselves in very bad conditions physically and mentally but if we have the strength to feed our dreams, one day, very soon, we will realise what our mind now only sees.

And the more these visions come from the depths of the heart, the easier it will be to make it a reality because the heart has great strength.