Learn what it means to live an inspired life

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Learn what it means to live an inspired life

Positive reinforcement is one of the strongest motivators we have Positive reinforcement, or the reward we get when we do something useful, good or valuable, allows us to create
good habits and gives us the necessary push to achieve new goals.

Success calls for success and knowing that our actions will bear fruit is essential to be able to continue on the path taken. The motivation draws on four main sources. - The first is to have the esteem and respect of our peers.

- The second is to earn the esteem of the experts in the sector in which we operate. It doesn't necessarily have to be a universally recognized figure but rather someone who plays an important role for us, such as a mentor, for example.

- The third is the family - The fourth is all humanity. In this case it is an impulse to be benevolent, an irrepressible desire to share one's success with others. Life is an alternation of moments of stability and moments of trouble.

During moments of stability it is good to enjoy the happiness conquered in the here and now. In fact, happiness is not the final goal to aspire to but is given by the path of good living. Happiness involves being able to explore and choose what you want to do rather than what you should.
Motivation, in turn, is nothing more than the balance between the desire to always achieve new goals and the desire to fully enjoy the satisfaction of having achieved the objectives we set for ourselves.

Entrepreneurship is the basis of a life full of successes because it allows a person not to remain at the mercy of change but to act to be that change themselves. Learning to react is essential to overcome all the difficulties that we will inevitably face sooner or later.

To do this, you can take inspiration from the four basic principles of what is called the philosophy of ants. - The first principle is to never give up and always look for a way to get to our goal. - The second principle is to think ahead so that you are prepared.

Metaphorically speaking, you have to live the summer thinking about when winter will come so the cold and the scarcity of food will not catch you off guard. - Similarly — and this is the third principle — you must live winter thinking that this period of restriction will not last forever because sooner or later summer will return.

This will allow you to remain active even in times of difficulty. - Finally, the fourth principle suggests that you always give your best, and work hard. Being enterprising also means learning to seize opportunities when they are still in the making, thus grabbing the future in the present moment.

This is only possible by learning to keep your eyes always open and your mind constantly active. You also need creativity, courage, discipline, organization of your time, concentration, and a good dose of self-esteem because it may happen that you fail but you must never give up.