Fill your mind with big dreams

So that there is no room for insignificant worries

by Federico Coppini
Fill your mind with big dreams

Today I'm talking about a concept that can be adapted to tennis. We are all living in a time of great instability, uncertainty and rapid change right now. All this can make even the most brave fearful! So many people are losing faith in a foreseeable future.

Most people are faced with constant worries... they are flooded with harmful negativity! Yet there are people who manage to be positive and optimistic even in the most difficult moments. And here comes the concept that I’ve mentioned in the title: of filling your mind with big dreams so that there is no room for insignificant worries.

Imagine your mind as a well. Fill it to the brim with aspirations, enthusiasm and information that protect the energy around your future undertakings (specifically related to tennis but also in life in general), the good that has been given to you, and the goals you hope to achieve.

You will drive away all the anxieties that generate doubts.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant (Luis Brandeis – US Supreme Court Justice)
And here, alongside this concept, I would like to add another: human courage is created in moments of restriction.

Every time you manage to use self-control to limit an impulse that you know is harmful, your willpower becomes stronger. Every time you prefer the right to the easy, bravery to being submissive, excellence to mediocrity, your greatness increases.

If you manage to make this choice every day, you will easily achieve excellence in the most important sectors of your life! Do what's right... not what's easy It's a simple rule to follow that can transform our results...

the problem is that many forget it. Every time you let go of thoughts of apathy, sadness, weakness and mediocrity, and defeat and replace them with thoughts of achievement, beauty, goodness and victory, your strength will grow.

So, start making this change now! Start immediately to change the environment in which your mind moves and lives: an excellent environment promotes positive thoughts. You can also apply all this to tennis... during your training...

during your matches! Start wanting the best from you... start obsessing over every aspect of your tennis. Don't let yourself go and do the simplest thing because it costs you less effort! Fly in trying to improve, and seek excellence.