Have you ever caught yourself thinking "the game is going too fast!" i can't play! I don't have time to get organized! It's so stressful! I understand that feeling. A lot of players suffer it against players who shoot full and very often flat or when they anticipate so much.

But there is a way to slow down the pace of the game. Never forget that the game goes at the speed you decide. If you feel like you are inside a pinball machine and the ball is you, remember that you always have a say in this.

How? Let me first explain WHY you might think the game is going too fast. What is happening is that when your opponent hits hard and flat, you respond with the same quality of ball. Fast and flat. So, of course, the game is fast.

Sound familiar? Now try playing higher with spin. See what happens... The idea is that YOU control the pace of your exchanges and you should impose your own pace rather than follow your opponent's. YOU lay down the law on the court!

The important thing is that you don't change the tactics you want to set up as soon as your opponent makes you a few winners....persever and continue with a nonlinear game....spin and slice...lower the pace...make him think on the court...between shots.

You need to give him time to think and make mistakes.... Here's how you can practice: Find a friend who plays flat and fast and plan a practice match. Use this match to practice imposing your pace and controlling the speed of the game.

In that kind of match, it is always the player who can impose his pace who will win. If you can play high with spin, it will be difficult for the opponent to hit a very fast ball, and then it will be easier for you on the next ball to play high again.

Another tip that can help you buy time and calm down is quite simple: use the time you have between points. Don't rush back to the service line. During this time, breathe and focus on your game plan. Let me know if this helps!