Tennis Tip from Carl Schroeder III

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Tennis Tip from Carl Schroeder III

1. Early Set Up! Side to the ball.


Lean forward getting your weight through to the target.


Prepare racket under the ball, Lead with your legs, make contact out in front.


Accelerate the racket head, Hit up into the ball, 180 degree follow with the shoulders through to the target.


Take a full swing, 80% swing speed.

6. Finish with your opposite shoulder to the target and back foot releasing to the target. Enjoy the game! Coach Carl Schroeder has been in the tennis industry for 30 years.

As a player in 1979, Schroeder played #1 for C.O.D. and was voted MVP. He went on to play the U.S. and European Professional circuits. In 2002 and 2010, Schroeder was named Foothill Conference Coach of the Year for his accomplishments in leading the Roadrunners to another State Championship.

Prior to that he mentored top ATP professionals. Since 2002, Coach Schroeder has lead Desert Men's Tennis to 6 State Team and Ojai Championships Titles. Our goal is to improve student athletes.

We are looking for tennis players that want to excel with their tennis skills as well as their academics. Our former players have gone on to play for such Universities as USC, UCLA, Santa Barbara, BYU, Texas A&M and San Diego State.

We have former players that are competing on the ATP Professional Tour. .