Renewal in Tennis: A Lesson from Eagles

Learning from the wisdom of eagles: surrendering to decline or facing the process of renewal in tennis

by Federico Coppini
Renewal in Tennis: A Lesson from Eagles
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In the world of tennis, where competition is fierce and challenges are constant, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from eagles. These magnificent birds face a crucial decision in their lives, one that many tennis players can relate to: when and how to undergo personal renewal to reach new heights of success.

The Story of Eagles

Eagles, much like tennis players, live a life of constant growth and challenge. However, at a certain point, their talons become so long and flexible that they can no longer grip their prey securely. Their sharp beak, while still sharp, curves too much towards their chest, rendering it useless for grasping food.

Their wings, majestic though they may be, become heavy due to the large feathers, making flight an arduous task. At this juncture, eagles have two options: they can surrender to decline and slowly wither away, or they can choose a path of renewal.

The Choice of Renewal in Tennis

In tennis, much like in the lives of eagles, there comes a time when players must decide whether to surrender to stagnation or embrace the process of personal renewal. This might occur when they reach a plateau in their game or face a series of defeats or challenges.

Renewal in tennis requires the courage to challenge one's own habits and confront resistance to change. However, it is also the only way to reach new levels of success.

The Process of Renewal in Tennis

The process of renewal in tennis can be likened to intensive training to improve skills and technique.

This may involve: 1. Rethinking Technique: Like the eagle striking the wall with its beak, players may need to rethink and improve their technique. This could involve intensive work on posture, movement, or strokes. 2. Intense Physical Training: Just as eagles strengthen their bodies during the renewal process, tennis players may dedicate themselves to intense physical training to enhance strength, endurance, and speed.

3. Mentoring and Coaching: Similar to eagles waiting for the growth of a new beak, players can seek the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors to navigate their path of renewal. 4. Shedding Harmful Habits: Like the eagle shedding old talons and worn-out feathers, players must be willing to shed habits or behaviors that may hinder their success.

The Outcome of Renewal in Tennis

Renewal in tennis can lead to a flight of success and fulfillment. Players who are willing to undergo the process of renewal often emerge stronger, more competitive, and better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Embracing the Future in Tennis

Much like eagles taking flight after renewal, tennis players who embrace the renewal process are poised to reach new horizons. They can experience a second youth in their careers, facing challenges with confidence and determination.


Eagles teach us that renewal is a necessary process to confront life's challenges, both in life and in tennis. Choosing to surrender to decline or to embrace renewal is a personal choice, but the path of renewal leads to new levels of success and fulfillment.

As tennis players, we can follow the example of eagles, face the process of renewal with courage, and embrace the future with joy and determination. In doing so, we can experience a second youth in our careers and reach new heights of success.