Tennis Tip with Dave Emery

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Tennis Tip with Dave Emery

The last week I've had the pleasure of training with one of the top doubles players in the world on the WTA tour. One thing that a player at any level can take from the best players in the world, is the intensity in which they practice.

No matter if we were playing points, or just rallying up the middle, you could tell that she treats every shot as if there was something far bigger on the line. Maybe in the eyes of players who get paid to play the game, there is far more on the line.

Every time they step on the court, they realize and understand that everything they do is to better them for their upcoming match(es). So when you're practicing, and if you really want to improve, treat that practice as if it were the most important match you could be playing and you will get far more out of it.

Ask yourself after the practice, "what did I do well" and "what do I need to work on tomorrow," and you'll have a grasp on how you're progressing. Dave Emery .