15 Mistakes Tennis Players Need to Correct

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15 Mistakes Tennis Players Need to Correct
15 Mistakes Tennis Players Need to Correct

1. Focus on the Process, Not the Results When you play a match, you play to win. However, players tend to focus all their thoughts on winning rather than executing a game plan. Instead, think about what strategies you need to implement to win you points.

It will prevent you from tightening up on big points and keep you focused on optimal strategy instead. 2. Focus on Long Term Development, Not Short Term Gain Humans want results and they want it now. This mindset hinders long-term growth.

Instead of trying to win today, focus on developing your game so you can compete and beat the best years down the road when it really counts. 3. No One is Unbeatable If you don’t think you can beat your opponent, you have given up before the match has begun.

Everyone is human. Tell yourself before every single match that you can and will beat your opponent. Be confident. Be a warrior. You will make the big shots when it really counts. Give it everything you have. 4. Don’t Be Shy: Make Friends You can meet tons of wonderful people involved in the game of tennis.

People that can find you jobs, help you when you have car problems, hang out with you at the bar, and increase your happiness. Make one new friend each day at the tennis court. Opportunities to make invaluable and advantageous connections will be lost if you are too shy to introduce yourself.

5. Get a Line Judge Against a Cheater Do not let cheaters screw you over. If you think your opponent is making bad line calls, request a tournament official immediately. The mistake many people make is not getting a line judge sooner (or at all).

By giving cheaters the benefit of the doubt too many times, you could be setting yourself up to be cheated big-time on a very important point.