How to quiet the voices during a match

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How to quiet the voices during a match

A crazy thing happened over the weekend and it involved tennis, and a lot of screaming. Pretty much standard procedure around these parts lol... I tell you all about it in this new video I made for you.

Ultimately, it's all about the mental game of tennis... and how to master it. I made this video knowing that some of the people on this list, may not find it all that interesting (and I totally respect that)...

but if you're someone who cares about winning the mental game of tennis... you'll probably want to watch this. It's a quick video, but if you "get" the concept...

you'll begin to be unstoppable out on the court (and have a LOT more fun in the process). You can watch the video here, it'll play automatically.
Do me a favor, and let me know in the comments what you think...

and if you have any recommendations for future videos, do that there too! I'd love to make one if it helps you out. Talk soon,
Federico .