We are about to hit the ball and the time stops

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We are about to hit the ball and the time stops

We are about to hit the ball and the time stops. Someone has paused our game, our lives. A mysterious event has made a fraction of a second eternal, and we are sucked into a turbine of indecision. All of our tactical knowledge has vanished, and we have no idea what the right choice is, what the right shot is.

But soon, we will have to hit the ball and send it back across the net. Time will return to normal. We are anxious to find out whether our choice was the right one, whether it will win or lose the point.

“That choice which can be determined by pure reason is called free choice.

That which can be determined only by inclination (sensible impulse) would be animal choice. Human choice, however, is a choice that can indeed be affected but not determined by impulses.”

According to Kant, your choice is always free, and your impulse will ultimately push you to make a decision.

So as we run to the ball we already have a shot in mind, but fear, mixed with tension, blurs our minds and stiffens our arms at the moment of execution. Then we close our eyes and let the ball hit the racket in the hope that our nervous system, before going to standby, sent the right signals to the arm and that that the ball will go where we want it to.

At the moment we flip the coin, we realize that we have already chosen, but can no longer stop or control its rotation. We can just wait and watch to see if it lands in our favor. .