Tomas Berdych: ball attack, impact & final (position)

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Tomas Berdych: ball attack, impact & final (position)

In this video, we can notice the various aspects of Tomas Berdych's technique.

First of all, a wide support base which allows him to correctly move forward the weight.

Another relevant aspect is represented by the fall in decontraction of the wrist, which provides the correct acceleration of the racket during the horizontal movement.

We can notice how after the impact, the head of the racket moves forward, possibly because of a right horizontal movement. 

Finally, we can focus on the final part, where Berdych takes the dominant elbow up to shoulders height thanks to the right trajectory undertaken by the racket during the stage of ball attack.

This way, Berdych manages to stay in balance and take advantage of the maximum loading carried out.