How to Stop Getting Jammed on Your Groundstrokes (VIDEO)

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How to Stop Getting Jammed on Your Groundstrokes (VIDEO)

I was watching some doubles on Sunday with my wife and daughter at our local park, and it felt like I was at JURASSIC Park…

...Because of all the “T-Rex” arms I was seeing (*cue rimshot)

And my “inner coach” was SCREAMING… because I know they’re losing a ton of POWER and CONTROL on their groundstrokes.

I know this well, because before I started my transformation into a 5.0 player… I was a hacker getting jammed left and right.

So if you’ve ever felt like you’re getting jammed on your groundstrokes, and you feel like it's robbing you of the power you want and deserve... 

you'll want to check out this quick video I made for you.

It walks you through two super simple “cures” to getting jammed… and how to develop EASY power on your groundstrokes.

You can check out the video here, it’ll play automatically.