Tennis Lob Technique - How and When to Use It

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Tennis Lob Technique - How and When to Use It

The lob is one of the most underutilized weapons in tennis. It's not as sexy as a powerful forehand or a big serve... but it may be just as effective. The reason is, it throws off your opponents rhythm, and it can be used to get the ball over an approaching opponent, as well as blind him when he's facing the sun.

In this video, you will learn how to execute the backspin lob. 1. Move to the ball with a continental grip - This will allow you to get the proper angle of the racket face at contact. 2. Make contact with the ball with your arm at the 45 degree angle into the court with a slightly to mostly open racket face.

3. Aim correctly. If your opponent is closing in, get the ball high enough to clear his racket. Alternatively, angle it towards his backhand side. Or if he's looking up into the sun, give it plenty of height. If you follow these steps, and watch this video, you'll be hitting a great lob in no time.