How to Put Your Opponent “In Jail”

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How to Put Your Opponent “In Jail”


My wife and I were watching the London Finals yesterday and half way through one of the points I let out a big ol’ “WAHOO!!!"…

I realized every single player was using one of these 3 singles strategies.

And what made it better was these are the same 3 strategies I teach to all of my clients… all of my juniors… and basically everyone that wants to improve their singles record.

You see… most 3.0-4.0 players’ strategy is “hit it in the court one more time than the other guy”… and that’s as far as it goes.

And if you fall in this category, it’s cool...At the most fundamental level this is what tennis is all about :).

The only problem with this approach is, if you come up against someone similarly skilled who’s using one or more these 3 strategies effectively… you will certainly suffer a painful and frustrating loss.  

Luckily… there is a much much cooler (and fun) way to outsmart your opponents and get more wins for you (you knew I wouldn’t leave ya hanging!)…

The best part is, you can use these strategies with whatever technique you have right now… and it’ll work really really well.

I walk you through all three of them in this video.

You can check it out here… it’ll play automatically.

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