The First Phase Of The Forehand

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The First Phase Of The Forehand

"In modern tennis, the importance of the non-dominant arm has become fundamental for good shot execution."
(Riccardo Piatti)
After analyzing a sample of 10 000 tennis players (amateurs of all types and talent levels) in 12 years, I can say more than 70% of people incorrectly use their non-dominant arm in the opening phase of their forehands.

This leads to a chain of mistakes through the next phases and, ultimately, negatively affects the shot. Through video analysis, we can see crucial key points of shot execution that can act as a step-by-step standard referral for all players.

To better illustrate this concept, we have analyzed two key points of the forehands of three different players (Murray, Nadal, Djokovic). Even though each player is unique and different, the key points to their shots are identical.