Are you sabotaging your serve?

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Are you sabotaging your serve?


If you’ve ever struggled developing a consistent toss… you’re going to love this.

It’s the first video in a brand new training series I created for you to help you take your serve to the next level without any additional practice time.

In this video, I walk you through a cool technique to dial in your toss in 5 minutes or less.

This is literally the first thing I do with all of my high paying clients when they’re having issues with their toss.

One guy literally took his toss from wild and inconsistent to “perfect” in 3 minutes using this one technique.

You can check it out for free right here.

This video series is a celebration of the upcoming release of my 2 brand new serving courses: The Simple Serve 2.0 and The Serve Doctor.

In the meantime, the technique I show you in this video can be used minutes before you have a match to guarantee a rock-solid toss… and a happy day serving for you.

(And it wouldn’t be complete without a few shenanigans just to keep it light and fun).

You can watch the video here… it’ll play automatically.

(And yes, “It’ll" is a real word :)

You can have video 2 and 3 a bit later which walks you through the most critical move when it comes to getting more power on your serve.

And I show you how to do it… easily. CLICK HERE TO HAVE THE OTHER TWO VIDEOS

So be on the lookout for that!

In the meantime, enjoy video 1.

Talk soon,