FLAT is not good for tennis.......

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FLAT is not good for tennis.......


There aren’t too many things that really grind my gears, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky… but WRONG technical instruction is one of those things. 

I’m a geek when it comes to technique, I guess… (RHYME! Sweet…)

Anywho...In this video, I tell the story of a coach who was trying to teach his student how to hit with topspin and I couldn’t believe my ears.  

I realized that this myth is the reason I see so many flawed forehands, even on people who are shelling out big time money for lessons.

The good news is, I show you the REAL way to produce massive topspin on all of your groundstrokes in this 4 minute video.

And you don’t have to pay 100 dollars per hour to learn it.  In fact… IT’S FREE!

You can check out the video here, it’ll play automatically. (I checked… and it’ll is now officially a word)

Talk soon,