Do THIS and You’ll Never Dump an Easy Volley

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Do THIS and You’ll Never Dump an Easy Volley

Look, we’ve both been there… big ol’ EASY floater, you’re at the net… all you have to do is “put it away”.  

But that’s not always what happens, is it?  

Sometimes You dump it into the net.  

Then you look around and see the looks on people’s faces.  

Your partner can’t believe what just happened.  Your opponents are snickering to themselves and high fiving each other (even though they didn’t do ANYTHING to earn it).

I’m far from a “natural” athlete... didn’t always have great technique.  I've been there, too.

It stings!

But, I’ve got GREAT news.

In my quest to make tennis a heck of a lot more FUN… as well as learn the fundamentals that the pros use (so I can teach them to you), I came across this really cool hack that “hot-wires” your volley.

In fact, if you do these 2 simple steps, I GUARANTEE you a rock-solid volley… every time.

Little trick I picked up from Don Henson… jolly guy who just happens to be a Master professional, and a guy that I’ll be working with going forward to learn more Jedi/Ninja tricks to pass on to you.  

Because I really want you to take your game to the next level.

Anyway, you can check out the video here.