Which is the role of the free arm in the one-handed backhand?

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Which is the role of the free arm in the one-handed backhand?

The Federer backhand has long been considered one of the most graceful and beautiful strokes in tennis. Roger Federer’s backhand is an effortless and smooth shot that produces great results under pressure in both an offensive and defensive situations on a consistent basis. Without the advanced one handed backhand, Federer’s backhand would likely be less feared by his opponents.

Federer’s backhand is a powerful, efficient stroke that is adaptable and versatile. We frequently see Roger Federer play his one handed backhand on the rise as well as from deep behind the baseline. He has the ability to play from various parts of the court. Federer’s backhand is designed to neutralize his opponents shot and maintain good depth on his returns. Unlike most opponents, Roger Federer’s backhand is not an obvious weakness that can easily be exploited. It’s a solid and consistent shot.

BUT.....for us......how could we improve our backhand?

After so many years of analysing the errors of my students, I have come to realise that most people make the same mistakes as everyone else.

As far as the one-handed backhand is concerned, the most common error is that the arm doesn’t lead the racquet.

A very common mistake

I often see students, in an effort to generate more power, twist their body as they hit the one-handed backhand. They try to bring energy from their torso into the shot, which brings them off balance and doesn’t produce desirable results. .

Read the article and watch the videos inside it

After this article I am sure your backhand will improve a lot! I am sure!




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