Should you teach footwork at beginner level?

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Should you teach footwork at beginner level?

This is a very good question and one I can only answer based on my point of view as a player and a coach who’s conducted over 15 years of on-court research as well as study of other ball sports. It comes down to this: You can't play tennis if you can't hit the ball.

Past beginner level you can argue about this, but at the beginner level, tennis is all about the ball. I appreciate the viewpoint that you can't hit the ball if you can't get to the ball. True! But a beginner needs to focus their attention on what gives them the best outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Otherwise they lose interest quickly. It really doesn't matter how fast you are. How strong you are. Or how you look. If you do not make contact with the ball, the game is over. It's finished. You don't like playing the game and you give up.

And another person leaves the sport, unhappy. Continue Reading