How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper

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How to Hit Your Groundstrokes Deeper

What is it, you ask?

It's the ability to hit the ball DEEP.

You see, your opponent FEEDS off the short ball.  He's like a hungry shark that smells blood in the water when your ball lands in the service box.

It just gives him so many options to punish you with.

And that's not fun for the whole family, right?

So, your coach here decided to make a video for you that will help you consistently keep the ball DEEPER... which should slow down that hungry shark on the other side of the net and put YOU in the drivers seat.

I learned this lesson early, because I fell IN LOVE with topspin when I first learned how to do it...

I was spinning the ball all over the place.

Unfortunately, I hadn't mastered the other two factors that I walk you through in this video... and the result was a lot of short balls that got POUNDED by my opponents.

Fortunately, when I learned these 3 secrets that I share with you in this video... it all started to change... and now my balls live in the back half of the court...

And tennis is a LOT more fun.

You can check out the video here

Talk soon,