Hot Drinks On Hot Days: Does It Make Sense?

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Hot Drinks On Hot Days: Does It Make Sense?

Cooling down after training, especially in the summer, is an important part of recovery. What is the best way to cool off? Do you prefer cool or hot drinks?

Does consuming hot drinks on hot days really help you cool off?

It's late afternoon, you still have to work out and you really want a nice cup of tea or coffee. But it's high summer, so is it better to opt for a cold drink? Maybe not! A hot drink could actually help you cool off, believe it or not.

Hot drinks help you refuel

Here's what happens when you consume a hot drink on a hot day:

• Your body temperature initially rises because you are adding warmth to your body.

• Your mouth, throat and esophageal receptors send a signal to the brain to increase sweating.

• Increased sweating is essential for lowering body temperature.

While it is true that excessive sweating can be unpleasant, the sweat has its benefits. It ultimately lowers your body temperature when the sweat evaporates from your skin.

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For the refreshing effect to work, you need to be in an environment where your sweat can actually evaporate.

So, in hot and humid climatic conditions, where the evaporation of sweat is limited, is it better to prefer cold drinks? It’s not as simple as it seems. Let's see how drinks affect post-workout body temperature in different weather conditions.

Refresh yourself during physical activity

One study compared post-workout body temperatures in people who took hot or cold drinks during physical activity. The results showed that consuming a drink at 50˚C - hot take-away drinks are generally warmer – more effectively reduces body heat than a cold drink.

But what happens if you choose a cold drink instead?

Effects of cold water on the body during and after a workout

Drinking cold water or drinks after a workout can cause shock to the organs, and may not help the body's natural cooling process.

What happens when you have a cold drink during training?

• During physical activity, the body's heat moves towards the surface, while the inside, on the contrary, cools.

• Ingesting cold food and beverages causes the narrowing of blood vessels and the flow of blood. The body therefore feels the heat, making you feel hotter.

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So which beverage should you choose?

These simple guidelines will help you choose the right beverage when you train on hot days.


Whether they are hot or cold drinks - the important thing is to stay hydrated. Pay attention to the signs of dehydration and find out what your daily fluid requirements are. Also, choose healthy drinks to maintain an adequate level of hydration.

Advice to stay refreshed in hot conditions

1. Is it hot and humid?

• Yes> Consume drinks at room temperature.

• No> Consume a hot drink to increase sweating and cool off.

2. Do you have ice and cold water at hand?

• Pour cold water on your head and shoulders

• Roll a towel up and wet it with cold water, then wrap it around your neck or wrists.

• Roll ice cubs on the inside of your wrists.


Drinking hot drinks to cool off is a practice that is centuries old. In fact, the world's largest tea consumers are in countries with hot weather. Science itself has shown that it works.

So, if you are going out for a ride or a workout on a hot dry day, choose a hot drink to help cool off.

Just get ready to sweat!

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