Are You Overtraining?

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Are You Overtraining?

If your body is subjected to continuous stress over a long period of time without the opportunity to recover, it can lead to a drop in performance. In some cases, it might even lead to injury. But how can you know if you are at risk of overtraining?

The importance of recovery

Many athletes know that recovery is an important part of training, but despite this knowledge they don’t give their bodies adequate rest. The first signs of fatigue and overtraining are usually ignored, especially when workouts are producing results. We always want to improve and forget about resting. Getting better is a euphoric experience, but we must be careful not to let that consideration overshadow everything else.

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Professional athletes, of course, do not fall into this trap. They know very well the dangers of overtraining, and pay careful attention to recovery.

After long or intense training sessions, symptoms of fatigue are normal – up to a point. They are simply a sign that your body has worked hard, which is good. But when can we talk about overtraining?

The symptoms of overtraining:

• Extensive muscle pains

• Slow and incomplete recovery

• Tired and heavy legs

• Chronic fatigue

• Susceptibility to illness

• Bad moods

• Loss of motivation

• Change in appetite (decreasing or increasing)

• Plateau or decline in performance

• Sleep problems

• Increased desire to sleep

• Unusually high heartbeat

If you notice five or more of these symptoms, you should take a 10-day break from training. You should also reconsider your weekly training plan so as to include more rest phases.

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If things do not improve

We advise you to visit a doctor. You should not underestimate fatigue, as it can significantly increase your risk of injury. And the more serious the injury, the more time it will take to recover.

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