Safe risk. Is that not an oxymoron?

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Safe risk. Is that not an oxymoron?

Safe risk. Is that not an oxymoron? If you are very strict about language, then yes. But when it comes to tennis? Today, we’ll see that in our sport there is such a thing as safe risk, it’s just a matter of figuring out how and when to use it!

Attacking with safe risks

As everyone knows, the difference between a club and pro player is huge and very noticeable. But the biggest differences between pro and casual players are smaller things that are not as immediately visible to the eye. One of these differences is the way in which professionals address “easy” balls.

When a club player sees a short or easy ball, they usually are afraid of making a mistake and don’t hit with the aggression they should. Instead of being proactive, aggressive and firm, they are reticent and hesitant.

The result is that balls which should be punished are usually not punished at all. In fact, often these balls are answered with even easier ones for the opponent.

When you get an easy ball, you need to seize the moment and attack. This is what we can call a “safe risk.” Why? Well, because you are much more likely to win the point with this attitude in this position. Attacking is always a risk, that’s undeniable, but when you have an easy ball at hand, the risk is as low as it can possibly be. Additionally, if you don’t attack it, you might actually lower your chance of winning the point.

Quick arm, quick mind

Clearly, you have to be decisive. Decisive in deciding where and when you want to attack. To do that you have to constantly stay focused on the match and ready to instantly make a decision. In tennis, you have very little time to think, especially if your opponent comes to the net or is aggressive. In conclusion, remember: take a safe risk, and never hesitate. If you don’t attack, your opponent will!

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