Do Not Be Afraid Of The Discomfort Zone

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Do Not Be Afraid Of The Discomfort Zone

We all know what error correction is.

Take the case of a golfer who can’t control the ball because he keeps slicing it. If you deliberately practice the correct movement, diligently attempting to improve the error with awareness and intention, you will be able to determine what is wrong and fix it.

In order to do this, you must know the fundamentals of what to do and repeat the correct movements over and over. This might take you out of your comfort zone – which is the motion you are used to but is letting you down – but it is key to improving your shot.

It is useful to have a coach or someone who knows how to get us out of our comfort zone and into a realm where we can overcome our shortcomings. This principle holds true not just in sports but also in life. If life is too comfortable, we never grow as people.

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For those who have to touch the bottom to be motivated to change, this is the gift of despair. At that point, you would do anything to change!

Once you are used to living outside the comfort zone, some intrinsic resilience develops.

The point is, if you are too comfortable, you will want to continue living the same way, but if you are looking for the best and the optimal performance, you have to be willing to cross over to the realm of discomfort to make progress.

This feature was typical of Michael Jordan: the joy of facing a challenge or a situation full of tension.
Whether we like it or not, to learn we must take some risk or otherwise dare to go where we are not at ease. So we try to go beyond the limits, learning new skills to succeed.

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Many people want to change, but often they are unconsciously linked to their own suffering or old habits and they cannot change! They no longer see their bad habits as bad, since they have become so used to those habits.

There are plenty of examples of people outside of tennis who managed, thanks to incredible mind control and discipline, to get out of their comfort zone get better and stronger.

The pain increases

Without the sense of urgency that comes with a desire to leave your comfort zone, it is not easy to sustain the effort necessary to endure the necessary discomfort.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do something that scares you every day.”

But beware, the excess of effort implies stress and pressures of various kinds that may have negative effects. This is why it is necessary to learn and develop concentration and to listen to one's body.

If you can do this, the journey to the discomfort zone will eventually reap many rewards.