How To Tone Your Arms At Home With These 7 Exercises

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How To Tone Your Arms At Home With These 7 Exercises

We all want strong and well-toned arms, but getting to the gym and training can be time-consuming, and in this busy modern age it is difficult to find an opportunity to do so. Today, however, we will give you 7 exercises you can perform at home that will, if performed consistently, produce tremendous results.


Planking is an isometric core strength exercise that tenses the muscles without lengthening them. While it may appear easy – almost like holding a sort of half-pushup position – it requires a tremendous amount of effort. The more you practice, the longer you will be able to hold the position. How many minutes can you run the plank?


This exercise does not only work the arms, but the entire body including the torso. You start in the planking position, and then raise yourself into an extended pushup position by lifting one arm at a time. After you are in the pushup position, you reverse course back down to a planking position. Your arms, abdominals, buttocks and legs will all benefit from this exercise.


Best performed with the aid of a chair or bench, you stand with your back to the chair and crouch down. With your fingers facing forward, place your palms on the edge of the chair and lower your body down and back up again. Can you feel the fire in your arms?


The best free body exercise for the arms. There are endless variations with different levels of difficulty. For beginners, it is better to start with knee push-ups. Placing your hands closer together will work your arms, while placing your hands further apart will work your shoulders. To strengthen your abdominals, keep your abs tight during the exercise.


It is important to stay on your forefoot and keep your core contracted. It is not necessary to get very far away from the wall, but only a little until you find the right rhythm.


This exercise works not only the triceps, but also the buttocks. Always keep your arms rigid and well stretched out, and also keep your shoulders down and away from your ears.


To perform punches, you must stand with your legs slightly apart, your knees slightly bent and your abs tight. Then, hit an imaginary boxing bag. It is necessary to focus on the flexion of the forearm. With this exercise, you train your arms, raise your heartrate and burn lots of calories.


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