Daniil Medvedev (First service motion) and the Forehand volley

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Daniil Medvedev (First service motion) and the Forehand volley

Denis Shapalov – Backhand maximum loading Denis Shapovalov is known for his powerful backhand, and he is able to generate the maximum amount of power due to his good technique. 1) The non-dominant hand holds the racket back more or less perpendicular to the court, keeping the racket head low.

2) The dominant hand passes underneath the non-dominant shoulder 3) The dominant hand and arm engage in a full striking motion 4) The head always remains balanced throughout the shot Forehand volley - Impact and follow-through Analyzing players during their impact and follow-through when hitting volleys, we can see important details that are necessary for a good shot.

These five points in particular are: Impact 1) Balance: The head remains still and balanced, eyes focused on the ball at all times. 2) Non-dominant hand: close to and in line with the dominant hand. 3) Bodyweight: Bodyweight moves forward during and after the planting of the leg.

Follow-through 1) Racket: The height of the racket must be above the level of the net and in line with the approaching ball. 2) Non-dominant hand: Close and in line with dominant hand.