Toni Nadal: "Rafael is not a tennis player, he is an injured person who plays tennis"

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Toni Nadal: "Rafael is not a tennis player, he is an injured person who plays tennis"

“Only those who believe they already know everything are those who do not train”. This sentiment, recently expressed by Toni Nadal, reveals how much stock he puts in training and practice. And the philosophy has obviously carried over to Rafa: “In life, I can’t conceive of not improving, I can’t conceive of making today the same as yesterday.

The standard is progress, and this can only be done with practice. For this there are values. Knowing that improving is difficult is of vital importance, and so we also must listen and be advised. Today we live in a world in which effort is not well seen.

When you try, you are different from others, and wanting to differentiate yourself from the rest does not seem good. What is clear is that anyone who tries has more chances of success and we can all improve. Success is not winning at Roland Garros or the US Open, success is about getting better.

Winning a Grand Slam doesn't just depend on me. I don't know if there will be one or two Federers in the tournament, or if there will be five Djokovich’s, I have to watch and improve what depends on me, and this is the success, which is why one will be successful being the best in the world and another will be successful being the number 100.

Success is the tranquility of knowing that you have done the things that were within your reach; be satisfied with what you are doing”.

“Success is the calm of knowing that you did all you were capable of doing”.

Toni has also opened up about his nephew’s relationship with Carlos Moyà, something Rafa has not been keen to do. “I see it well, the most important thing is that they appreciate and respect each other, something very necessary.

And Rafael wants to continue playing, despite his physical problems. This is what counts. Until? Who knows. Maybe two or three years. What I'm saying is that Rafael is not a tennis player, he's an injured person who plays tennis, and that's very difficult”.

Finally, he also had some strong words about society in general: “Today we have made the essential element of society to do well. We all have fewer obligations and the fun has its consequences, because we want things to be easier every time and cost us less time.

That's why it's difficult to persevere and move forward. When we arrived at the ATP, the best were between 21 and 23 years of age. Now, the best are 29, 30, 32 or 37 years”. RELATED: 9 Remedies To Invigorate Tired Muscles