Support And Resistance: The Keys To Improving

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Support And Resistance: The Keys To Improving

Are you interested in progressing physically?

Resistance training is essential to maintaining strong endurance throughout a tennis match. From battling through fatigue and keeping a consistent amount of power in your hits and sprints, it’s the key part of having an athletic edge, game after game.

During a tennis match, players use their resistance capacity running to and hitting the ball countless times, but also, and most importantly, to recover from fatigue between one point and the next.

And do you want to play tennis at the same time? Our guides offer you 3 simple and effective exercises that will allow you to advance your physicality while also having fun.

The roller coaster

In this exercise, you hit your backhand cross-court while your partner hits the ball down the line. You then switch roles after 5 minutes.

Moving and relocation

In this exercise, you put cones (or balls) at each end of the court. After each shot, you then move to touch the cone closest to you before resetting toward the center of the court. Ideally, you would first touch the left one and then the right one on the next shot. Two or three sets of this exercise are preferable, depending on your fitness.

The Windscreen Wiper

In this exercise, you will also be working with a partner. Hit the ball once to the right side of the court and then to the left. Your partner then should hit the ball back to the center. The longer the exchange is, the more effective the exercise is. After five minutes you can switch roles. You can do two or three sets each, depending on your physical fitness.