Anger-Management through the ‘Calm Hulk’ Technique

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Anger-Management through the ‘Calm Hulk’ Technique

Superheroes have captured my imagination like magnets since I was five years old. Telepathy, super-cool, colorful costumes, ability to flutter in the sky... how many times have I got lost in fantasizing about how I would have used their powers, if I had possessed them...

woe betide the poor, class bully. I confess that I still do think about superpowers. Sometimes it happens that, after being stuck in traffic for 25 minutes, the idea of ​​being able to lift the cars in front of me with my mere thought and placing them on the sides of the road persistently tickles my fantasy.

Among the many characters with extraordinary capabilities, how can we not mention the peaceful Dr. Bruce Banner, who is capable of transforming himself into a Hulk when his anger is triggered.

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Many, when they get angry go through a process similar to that of Banner...

without acquiring super strength or his green color. If you, too, tend to become a furious creature when someone or something hits your hot buttons you probably need a technique to manage anger. Three reasons why it is important to know about anger-management: 1) So as not to hurt the people you love.

Did you know that the people with whom you get angry most often are friends and family? This happens because we spend a lot of time in their company. Consequently, the opportunities for contrasting opinions are greater. In fact, Hulk chose to move away from his city so as not to risk injuring his girlfriend Betty Ross.

2) To avoid making bad decisions. Anger reduces the ability to think clearly and make objective assessments. Under its effect, it is easy to make bad decisions which you can regret bitterly afterward. Of a strong impulsive nature, before I learned to manage my emotions in my life, I often had to pick up the pieces of wrong decisions I took when I was upset.

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When I speak of shards, I also speak of real shards and not just metaphorical ones. Like the CD player that opened like a mussel after I dealt with it in my fury. Furthermore, when we are angry, our brain releases cortisol, the stress hormone.

This can lead to memory and learning difficulties. 3) To keep you healthy. Emotions have a strong impact on our health. Getting angry frequently and for prolonged periods can lead to health problems such as headache, insomnia, heart problems and can also increase the risk of heart attacks.

Today, I want to reveal a technique to manage anger that would certainly have made Banner comfortable.
Heart, the gateway to a higher intelligence. Various researches conducted by the HeartMath institute have analyzed the influence of emotions on the autonomic nervous system using Heart Rate Variability (HRV), i.e.

heart rhythm. The purpose of this research was to explore the physiological mechanisms by which the heart communicates with the brain, affecting perceptions, emotions and health. According to these studies, the heart gives access to a higher intuitive intelligence capable of suggesting the most appropriate answer for each situation.

Here is my secret, it is very simple: you can only see it well with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. Saint-Exupery

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The Calm Hulk technique The Calm Hulk technique gives you the power to stop your emotional reaction at any time, helping you: • To reduce stress • To take better decisions • To increase mental clarity even in stressful situations • To relate better with others Calm Hulk has the advantage of being a fast and easy technique to manage anger, and have access to the intelligence of the heart.

This simple five-step technique will create a harmonious relationship between your heart and brain. How to manage anger with the Calm Hulk technique.
1) Recognize negative emotion. At the first signs of anger, stop and focus your attention on your breathing for 10 seconds.

Identify the stimulus that caused the emotional reaction and identify what the associated thoughts and feelings are. 2) Move the focus from the mind to the heart. Shift your attention from the disturbing thoughts to the area around the heart.

To help you, you can imagine breathing through the heart and keeping the focus on this area for 15 seconds or more. This way, you will transfer energy from the perception of the problem to possible solutions. 3) Remember a positive moment. You can remember a fun or special moment and try reliving it mentally.

For example, a relaxing holiday, a happy moment, the appreciation you feel for someone you love.

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Relive a positive feeling like joy, love or compassion. This step does not consist of a simple visualization but requires to relive the associated sensations and emotions.

4) Ask the heart. Now, continuing to keep your attention on the area around the heart, ask yourself: "What should be the most effective response to this situation?" This step aims to give you access to your intuitive intelligence capable of providing you with the most appropriate answer.

5) Listen to the answer. Listen to the insights that come from your heart and write them down straight away. Once the "noise" of your thoughts and emotions has calmed down, you could more easily hear and find the right answer.

If you have done all the steps correctly at this point, your heart rate should also be more consistent, as well as the brain waves.
Conclusion The technique I just explained to you can make a huge difference in your life by helping you manage one of the most destructive emotions, anger.

In addition, it provides you with a gateway to intuitive intelligence by forming a bridge between your heart and mind. A procedure like this in Banner's hands would have prevented Hulk from destroying entire cities, but in the movies and comics, it wouldn't have been so much fun.

Are you calm and peaceful in nature or are you a bit temperamental? Let me know what you think. ************* You search the web, we help the children