Ten Tips to Fuel Action: How dreamers can become achievers

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Ten Tips to Fuel Action: How dreamers can become achievers

A thin but recognizable line separates dreamers from those who turn their dreams into reality.
What makes the difference?

The attitude. Those who achieve their goals have an attitude that is aimed at the action itself, unlike mere dreamers. Those who make it are dedicated towards attaining success, no matter what the obstacles are, and are willing to put what it takes to get there and pay the price.

Here are 10 tips for bringing out an action-oriented attitude:

1. Denying your Weaknesses

Skilled people are those looking for solutions with determination. In the process, they discover creative solutions that no one may have had even tried before. Rather than wallowing in helplessness, leaders diligently seek a way to overcome obstacles waylaying them.

2. Taking the bull by its horns

Skilled people are not afraid. They go straight to the source of their problem, and try to find a solution from that point. Their efforts drive their attention while knocking out a problem. They don't wait, they take initiative.

3. Entering the no-complaining area

Skilled people refrain from making complaints. They recognize their futility and don’t le their mind and mouth indulge in wasting time on this activity.

4. Putting themselves in the shoes of others

Skilled people are empathetic. They try to see everything from the other person's perspective in order to take the best decision.

5. Feeding your passion

Skilled people are immune to exhaustion. They love what they do because they have learned to feed the fire that keeps them going. The prize is not given to the most intelligent person, nor to the person who has advantages over resources, and position, but to someone who has passion.

6. Take the extra step

Capable people go beyond expectations. While others are content with an acceptable solution, those who are capable are not satisfied until they have reached the unimaginable. Their expectations from themselves are set higher than what is dictated by other people or situations around them.

7. Stopping stalling and start acting

Skilled people take action. While others stumble over their worries, fears and anxieties, they have the strength to move on. The perfect moment when everything is safe and risk-free will never come, so why wait?

8. Following the current

Skilled people adapt to change. They don't stop at an unexpected bend along the way. They accept the transition with an optimistic outlook.

9. Going all the way

Those who are capable, don't just start an endeavour, they go all the way. They are proactive and get things done.

10. Expecting something in return for commitment

If you work hard with the right attitude, expect something in return. Passionate commitment is contagious, and the resources follow the resolution. Committed leaders will reap rewards and find doors opening while others get involved in the enthusiasm and energy that they give off.