Roger Federer and the movement of the feet during the service

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Roger Federer and the movement of the feet during the service

Service is one of Roger Federer's main weapons. It is a shot with which the Swiss Maestro was able to achieve many successes in his career. Today, to have a good service you need an excellent vertical thrust. In the preparation phase, the bodyweight goes on the back leg, until the ball is released from the non-dominant hand.

In this way, it is possible to create a horizontal torsion of the shoulders and, consequently, to obtain greater control in the vertical push phase, in the attack of the ball. Federer's service is a shaot that evolved over time.

In his early career Federer served without pushing in an accentuated way with his abs, forcing the first of service flatter and being more attackable on the second. Over the years he increased the arching of his back, and today he serves both the first and second balls with kick effect.

Federer, thanks to the fluidity of his shot, the numerous variations that he manages to impress and the ability to place, is one of the players who gets the most points from his service. Training this movement is fundamental: Roger Federer, as we can see in this video, trains this detail a lot in the pre-match warm-up, putting his weight on the rear leg and lifting the front leg.

As for the style of the Swiss Maestro. Roger Federer's tennis is unanimously considered the meeting point between classic and modern tennis. Federer certainly retains elegance in the gestures of fine old-style tennis. His technical versatility allows him to vary considerably, both with the forehand and with the backhad, also using drop volleys, serve and volley and, in general, one of the best net games of the ATP Tour.