Tennis drills: forehand and net game like Roger Federer

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Tennis drills: forehand and net game like Roger Federer

Constant training and continuous exercises are, for the practitioner, the best way to train the ideal technique: to have Roger Federer's forehand and net game you need constancy, commitment and a useful training to improve the technique day after day.

Some coaches such as Brian Dabul said that it's okay to hit the ball many times, but you also have to know where it goes and why. The forehand is a shot that practitioners often use to win a point. But to make it effective and minimize unforce errors there are some precautions to be taken.

The logics to be adopted are different, and vary according to the position and shots of the opponent. The forehand is the shot with which the game must be controlled and therefore it is necessary to know what to do based on the position and the ball that is received.

To learn it, just put a tape over the net. The practitioner will have to pass the ball over or under the tape, depending on where he is on the court. A practical example involves playing five different shots, to be passed above or below the tape depending on the shot (for example, a cross and an inside-out must pass under the tape).

One of the most important technical-tactical aspects is the transaction to the net. This is because the attack on the net helps to collect the pressure exerted with baseline shots with an easy volley. Roger Federer is a master in this drill: many of his most spectacular shots were right near the net.

The practitioner should hit the ball with a forehand behind the halfway line. Next he must perform a backhand with a much lower rebound from the same position. After performing two forehand and two backhand the practitioner will have to go to the net and play a forehand volley and a backhand volley.

In total he is expected to perform ten sets with 80 offense hits and 80 volleys. The greatest aesthetes of the Game, like Roger Federer, are the masters of these drills.