What is the best time to train your tennis?

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What is the best time to train your tennis?

Even the great champions like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will have favorite moments of the day to train. Depending on what our biological clock suggests, every moment of the day has pros and cons for a good workout. There are pros and cons to training in the morning, lunch-time, afternoon and evening, which can help improve the practitioner's tennis.

For many tennis players, the best time to train is late afternoon or evening. The reason is that in this phase of the day the temperature of the muscles reaches the maximum. If the muscles are warmer, metabolic processes and energy metabolism of the muscles increase.

The same effect is obtained when warming up before starting a workout. MORNING
Training in the morning has some advantages. It can give physical and humoral charge for the rest of the day, moreover, according to some studies, the level of testosterone, useful if you do strength training, is at the maximum in the early morning.

The gyms or clubs are more empty and it is also advantageous for those who get up early and work all day. At the tennis club where I practise it is not unusual to see practitioners starting to play at 06:00 am. The disadvantages can relate to the stiffness of muscles and joints.

Good heating is needed to avoid injury. It also takes longer to get the metabolism going. And anyway if you are a person who goes to sleep late in the evening or who is not used to waking up early in the morning, morning training is not recommended: it would no longer be a fun and a pleasure.

Lunch break, afternoon and evening workouts

The lunch break can be used by those who do not have other moments to train during the day because of work. Also, if the morning at the office was particularly stressful, working out at lunchtime can help relieve stress and tension.

The main disadvantage is that the lunch break does not last long: the limited time can give the practitioner little peace of mind to carry out the exercises in peace. AFTERNOON AND EVENING
The maximum body temperature promotes deep and intense training, making the performances better.

You have more time to devote to training which can also be used to release all the tensions and stress of the working day. In summer you have the opportunity to train outdoors even for a long time. The main disadvantage concerns motivation: after a long and hard day of work, many feel the need to rest, losing the motivation needed to perform a good workout.

As we have seen, the various moments of the day have favorable and unfavorable aspects for training: to emulate Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, practitioners will have to understand what is the best time of day for them to train their tennis.