The importance of the buttcap

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The importance of the buttcap

“Shit, let me see the head of the grip, come on! ” A report from a tennis player (Italian amateur tennis player)
We were on a field of the Aspria Harbor Club and, since I was participating in a Pro-Am (mind you, I was the Am), I decided to take advantage of the presence of Massimo Sartori, the well-known coach who trains Andreas Seppi, to fix the forehand, always an unnatural shot.

I have always considered professional coaches as authentic gurus, if not really new Silvans who solve a technical defect with the laying on of hands alone. They have a particular eye; they see details that not even a slow motion would be able to highlight and above all they are able to find an almost instant remedy to your executive limits.

So, I believed and so it was confirmed to me on that cold Milanese afternoon. Now, I can call myself a good third category. Nothing special, but not even an amateur player in full regressive crisis. Furthermore, the fact of spending a lot of time in contact with coaches, players, trainers and professionals, allows me easy access to top-level technical information and having witnessed hundreds of matches between professionals has obviously improved the quality of my neurons.

mirror, what scientists claim allows us to learn simply by observing other people's motor analyses. Nevertheless, the executive limits in my forehand were so obvious that any instructor would have noticed. The problem, however, was not to explain the defects, but to find a solution.

And this is where coach Sartori came into play. “Shit, let me see the buttcap, come on!” He repeated it to me several times, pointing to the top of the racquet which, in the preparation phase, should be turned to the opponent's court.

Then, to complete the work, he added a “... and then pass your hand”, which in jargon means to slide the head of the racket well forward (or at least this is what I guessed), with the primary objective being: always hitting the ball well in front of the body.

If you do both, you will be rewarded with power and spin, the holy grail of tennis. Does it work? I personally gained a good 20% in efficiency, safety and ball speed. No technical advice had allowed me such an evident leap in quality, in such a short space of time.

Some friends have tried to follow the same advice, with not exactly extraordinary results, because obviously it is not the solution to their problems because sometimes personal assistance is needed to progress adequately (and therefore a good teacher). And, fortunately, my friends cannot bother Massimo Sartori.