The Pillars of Motivation

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The Pillars of Motivation

In this article I want to tell you about a strategy to keep your motivation high while taking action to achieve your goals. A mediocre idea that is put into practice has more value than a great idea that will never be expressed and that will remain only in the mind.

If you want to achieve your goals you have to act, act and act again! But it so happens that when you act you can also fail and lose motivation. So how do you keep your motivation high? "Since your subconscious determines the actions you take, you can influence it with one of the nine main motivating factors chosen by you, to ensure that you take massive doses of actions every day to achieve your goals."

But what are these nine reasons that can be used? Read this e-mail to the end, I will reveal them to you very soon. I will start with an introduction first. As the name implies, motivation is closely linked to why you want to achieve a goal.

Many believe that it is enough to simply set a goal for it to be achieved automatically. But unfortunately, this is not the case! What you need to achieve your goals is a reason to fight. The more reasons you have to reach a goal, the more these reasons are important to you the greater your motivation.

Being unmotivated mainly depends on not having goals that you ardently want to achieve. Having a goal is very useful but for self-motivation it is also important to know the "why" you want to achieve a certain result.

To find out what prompts you to act in a particular direction, ask yourself: - Why do I want to achieve this?
- What motivates me to act?
- How will I feel once this goal is achieved? Answering these questions will help you define exactly what will prompt you to take action to get the result.

For all of your most important goals, you should clearly know why you care about achieving them. That way, when things get tough or you're tempted to give up... You will keep going the same! Earlier I was talking about the nine main levers you can use to condition your unconscious to make you do a massive dose of actions, here they are revealed: (Sort as per your priorities) 1.

The desire to be loved
2. The sublimation of sexual energy into motivation
3. The desire for financial gain
4. The desire to do what you truly love
5. The desire to survive
6. The desire for self-expression that leads to fame and appreciation

The desire to leave an inheritance after our death
8. The desire to help others
9. The desire to get away from what causes us fear If you link the desire to reach your goal to one or more of these levers, your subconscious will immediately be conditioned to take constant actions. See you soon, Federico