From the F Factor to the T Factor

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From the F Factor to the T Factor

Have you ever seen a co-worker, family member or friend achieve a goal you want, and go thinking about it: “I could have done it too, if only...”

- You could have gotten back into shape too, IF ONLY... you had found the time to finish that training program started months ago.
- You could have passed that college exam too, IF ONLY... you hadn't spent all those hours on your smartphone.
- You could have been successful in tennis, IF ONLY... you had dedicated the right you and the right determination every day.

That person created time to achieve his goal; you just toyed with the idea of ​​doing it.

Now, if you have found yourself (or are) in this situation, you have two options:

A. You can give in to unhealthy envy by finding an excuse that justifies your failure (family, commitments, bad luck or explains its success ([rich] family, free time, the Fortune factor).


B. Choose to put aside “excuses” and finally do something concrete to achieve your success.

For example, you decide that that goal will be your top priority between now and the end of the year and create the time it takes to reach it.

Be careful, however, because this single decision, although fundamental, will not be enough.

Your goal will take countless hours to achieve, and those hours will not materialize out of nowhere as if by magic.

You'll have to retrieve them one by one, tooth and nail.

You will have to take them back from whatever activity you have used up to now to numb yourself and distract you from the frustrations of life.

You will have to free them by painfully giving up on other projects you care about, but which you know are not a priority for you right now.

And it will be difficult. Quite hard.

Forget the Rocky Balboa style motivating jingle.

You will hate those hours stolen from your favourite TV series or those weekends spent working on your project while everyone else on social media seems to have a great time.

And you will have to struggle with yourself and your demons to keep doing what is necessary, when you just want to give in to the instant.

But create those hours every single day and in a few months, you will be enjoying the deep satisfaction of having accomplished something great.

A satisfaction reserved only for the few who in life, instead of hoping for the "F" factor (capricious luck), choose to develop their own T FACTOR.

The true predictor of your success

The true predictor of success, as mentioned, is neither luck nor talent, nor is it the IQ, physical appearance or social background.


What unites those who make it, those who reach ambitious goals or “simply” realize their most cherished dreams is the “T” factor: where T stands for Tenacity.

And do you know what the good news is?

The good news

Tenacity, unlike the other more or less innate elements, can be trained and strengthened.

Whatever your current level of willpower is, you can increase it and with the right approach you can do it spontaneously, activating those resources and that potential that is already within you, but that so far you may not have cultivated enough.

If the ability to face obstacles, get up at every difficulty and hammer with determination at the goal is something you want to develop more in your life.