An unusual way to calm the mind

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An unusual way to calm the mind

There is a place where entropy, the tendency of the universe to go towards disorder, seems to accelerate: my wardrobe.
Over time, the compartment of the winter jerseys becomes an inextricable tangle.
Having reached the moment in which finding the desired garment requires the patience of the gold digger, I decide to put things in order.
At the end of this activity, I always notice a sense of calm and well-being.

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The same beneficial effect I feel when I clean the PC, eliminating unnecessary icons and various links.
More scientific research has, in fact, established an important link between disorder and emotional state.
Researchers have shown that those in a disorganized environment tend to:
-          Make more impulsive purchases.
-          Have worse performance in mental tasks.
-          Be less persistent in demanding tasks.

But this isn’t just the end of it. Order can help you eat healthier too.
One study found that people in a tidy room are more likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar.

How does cleansing calm the mind?
There are some theories as to why the clutter in your environment affects you.
For example, in a disorganized environment, you may feel that you have little personal control.
In fact, there are studies that report how people with disordered homes feel they have less control over their lives.
Basically, it's a bit like tidying externally helps you tidying up internally.

Who would have thought that a healthy practice of emotional management could be hidden behind a boring activity?
We see this, or we can apply this to even tennis: always having everything in order (in your tennis bag), keeping your racquet in order (overgrip, strings...), also helps mentally.
I therefore wish you a good and orderly continuation of the week :-)

On Winning

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