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Attention meditation is a simple technique that can induce deep relaxation in your mind and body. As the mind calms down as you stay awake, a deeper and more silent level of awareness will grow within you. First, find a quiet place where no one can disturb you.
Sit quietly and close your eyes.
Breathe in and out normally, but gently bring your awareness to your breath.

Do not try to control or alter your breathing in any conscious way. Just observe.
By observing your breath, you will notice a spontaneous change in it. There may be variations in speed, rhythm, depth or perhaps your breathing will seem to stop for a moment.

Again, just observe without trying to cause or influence any change.
At times your attention may move away from breathing. You may have other thoughts, or become aware of noises outside the room. If this happens, gently bring your attention back to breathing.
If during meditation you realize that you have focused on some sensation, mood or expectation, do as you would in the presence of any other thought and, gently, bring your attention back to breathing.
Practice this meditation technique for fifteen minutes.

Finally keep your eyes closed and sit comfortably for another two or three minutes. Slowly emerge from meditation before opening your eyes and resuming your activity. I recommend practicing attention meditation twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

If you feel angry or agitated, you can also use the technique for a few minutes during the day to regain your balance. In the course of meditation, you can have one of the three experiences listed below. I advise you to resist the temptation to make assessments of your experience or your ability to follow instructions, since in any case the answer is "okay"

You may feel bored or restless, and your mind will fill with thoughts. This means that deep emotions and stresses are melting away. By relaxing and continuing your meditation, you will facilitate the elimination of these influences from your mind and body.

You can fall asleep. If this happens to you, it means that there is a strong need for more rest at other times of the day. You can slip into the space between thoughts. When the breath becomes deep and subtle, you can enter the space between thoughts...

beyond sound and beyond breath itself. By giving yourself proper rest, keeping yourself healthy, and dedicating some time each day to meditation, you can find meaningful contact with yourself. You can get in touch with the cosmic mind, the wordless whispering voice, which is always present in the space between your thoughts.

This is your unlimited inner intelligence, your authentic and supreme genius, which in turn reflects the wisdom of the universe. Once you have placed your trust in this inner wisdom, nothing will be beyond your reach.