The art of continuous improvement

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The art of continuous improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means "continuous improvement"
The Kaizen methodology when applied to your life and also to tennis, involves small constant changes, to be gradually expanded.
Small changes are easier to manage and don't put pressure or anxiety.

However, every little change will make your life totally change in the long run.
Here are two examples:
Let's assume that you want to run 10 km. Using this methodology, the first thing to do is to run 500 meters (500 meters is very little compared to your goal, but they are passable because your brain will not offer much resistance).
If you want to lose 15 kg, start by losing just one kilo.
It will be much easier to manage;
Kaizen of course always includes concrete actions; however, they are "small actions"
The main benefit of this method is that the initial actions are so small that they create no resistance in you.
When most people have a goal, they wait until they really "feel" ready before acting.

Doesn't work because someone wants the magic pill:
• Who does not have plans to carry out, hopes to earn money by winning the lottery;
• Those who do not undertake the action of losing weight, wait for the fateful day when the diet will begin...

which will always be postponed to a later date;
• When a person wants to change his life, instead of changing himself… he complains about how others behave and uses it as a justification for never changing.

The two questions I ask you are:
1. "What can you do today," – a small change – "to change the world for the better?"
2. "What can you do today," – a small change – "to change your life?"
There is no need to wait, small actions done daily are enough. Consistency is the decisive skill to achieve any goal.