The search for the cosmic void is what damages us

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The search for the cosmic void is what damages us

Do you know what has damaged me for years and years?

The search for the cosmic void!

For a long time, I was bogged down without starting those projects I had in mind, without contacting the people I wanted to spend my time with and without taking that course that would allow me to make the qualitative leap.

I always waited for a time when work would be stable (even now it is), I waited for the moment when I would have had more time and I waited for the moment when there would be no more problems to think about.

A sort of cosmic void, where any of my actions would have been simple, fast, and effective: in a perfect word.

If you had still waited, you wouldn't have been reading this email, because the Tennis World site was just one of the things I was postponing.

In the end I realized that the problems and frictions that we experience every day will never disappear.

There will never be a period without problems to solve, without worries and without commitments.

I learned that we must act despite all these things.

If you are also waiting for that moment, take the first step today that will bring you closer to your goal, no matter how small it is, do it.

Don't be like me: don't wait for the cosmic void!

Don’t wait for your dream to show up in someone else’s plan.

You don’t need to know what the end result will be, but just start with zero expectation. Sometimes we don’t take action because we feel like well ‘my boss will see my potential and how I would be great for this role’ or  ‘This next article is going to be the one to launch me; this next deal is going to put me on the map, this video is so brilliant it’s going to go viral and create a trajectory in my career like Simon Sinek or Brene Brown after TED’. They are the exception, not the norm by the way.

This type of thinking is just waiting for another form of permission in disguise. The idea that someone else will discover how amazing you are and catapult you to the next level in your career or business. Even if you just want to reignite your painting, music, singing or baking hobby – the pure love of it and because it makes your soul sing and ignites you is enough. There is often this feeling of waiting to be chosen. When ‘they’ see how good I am, then I can really take it seriously.

We are facing a time that is new, uncomfortable and really putting us all out of our comfort zones. Now more than ever is the time to take action on things that will energise you to fill your cup so you can perform and be at your best.

As an official permission agent, I give you full permission to begin today. And then tomorrow when you wake up, remember to choose yourself. You have to make this a daily practice and remind yourself every day that unless you are the permission agent, you will never break the cycle.

Start on that course, hobby, and business idea. Have that conversation, send the email, ship the proposal...

Even if you don’t fully believe you should have permission today, your future self does.