The three commitments with yourself to conquer your “one thing”

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The three commitments with yourself to conquer your “one thing”

To dedicate yourself to your one thing, make three commitments with yourself:

1. Pursue Mastery: A healthy pursuit of mastery means trying to become the best you can be at your most important thing, and to do that you have to devote a lot of time to that thing. For this it is essential to block the time to devote to your one thing.
2. Go from an entrepreneurial approach to an intentional approach: the entrepreneurial approach is the one that comes naturally to us and that leads us to do the things that come naturally to us with enthusiasm and energy. But when you are concerned with your only thing, you will have to challenge certain limits and that requires a purposeful approach. Highly productive people don't accept the limits of their natural approach and when they hit a wall or a rock, they look for new models and systems, better ways to do things. As you walk the path of mastery you will continually find yourself challenged to do new things. “A different result requires you to do something different”: make this phrase your mantra and you can go far. Don't put limits on what you will do, you must always be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

“The most extraordinary results are directly determined by the ability to narrow the focus.”

3. Take Responsibility: The most powerful thing you can do for your success is take full responsibility for your results. This is most likely the most important of the three commitments. Without taking responsibility, your journey along the path of mastery will be interrupted when you encounter a challenge. When life happens, you can be the author of your life or the victim. These are the only two possibilities: to be responsible or not. Successful people are clear about their role in their life events, take action to change their reality, and take full responsibility for their actions.

“Success is about doing the right thing, not doing everything right.”

A life worth living can be measured in many ways, but perhaps the main one is to live without regrets, so make sure you do what matters most to you every day. When you understand what matters most, everything acquires meaning, life is filled with meaning and you can achieve extraordinary results. So, learn to align purpose, priority and productivity in your days, focusing on your one thing first. This approach leads you to think big, prioritize your to-do lists, and create your own domino effect. Remember that the key to great results is to ask a big, specific question that leads to a small, focused answer. If you try to do it all, you will likely end up with nothing, while superior success comes from an extraordinary focus on your one thing.