Tennis World Foundation, all together for the future

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Tennis World Foundation, all together for the future

Tennis is a wonderful sport. Being able to love it is, however, a privilege not anyone can afford. We are in the heart of the 21st century but the world is still burdened by inequalities, poverty and injustice. Sport is an extraordinary way of bringing people together and can play a key role to help build a better world, but we need to have the courage to overcome the laziness created by wealth in today’s society.

That is something not granted for those who have a roof above their heads, food and the chance to cultivate their own hobbies. Having the opportunity to do something big, together with the huge love for tennis, is what drives Tennis World Foundation, a non-profit organization with a wonderful goal, better than a Grand Slam title or a Davis Cup Trophy: give a tennis racket to those children who otherwise would not have a chance to play the sport we all love.

Nowadays, there are still too many places where children are not even allowed the right to dream, but where all they can hope for is just to survive one more day. Several research projects have shown that poverty often leads to collateral damages including alcohol and drug abuse, risky sexual behaviors.

This happens first and foremost because there is a complete lack of recreational and sports facilities. Children go to school but parents can afford them no more than that. In such a complicated environment, where the potential is however very high, Tennis World Foundation aims to play a key role, with the aim of taking tennis where children don’t stand a chance to even hold a racket, like primary school and orphanages.

Tennis can be such an extraordinary vehicle for human and personal growth. Together with its partners, TWF is currently developing a programme that wants to support the growth and development of these little human beings. Tennis particularly fits this process because it develops several qualities including education, leadership and social skills.

Actually, tennis is more than a sport, it’s a tool to help them develop what they will need in their life: discipline, resilience and fairness. This is the primary goal of the TWF, as well as finding also emerging talents and giving them the chance to keep playing and - who knows - start a career in professional tennis.

To sum up, the goals we hope to achieve are the following: * Take tennis as an extracurricular activity to places where it never arrived * Form high-level trainers and teachers * Offer children an additional chance to develop useful skills for their everyday life * Identify potential talents TWF ideal partners should be collaborating with tennis institutions at different levels, from local to international, including also companies who cover commercial aspects.

In addition to that, a collaboration with governmental organizations and media representatives would be desirable. This is a brave and innovative project, in which it is really important to believe. Several VIPs, including tennis players, have launched over these years commendable initiatives, starting their own foundation.

However, in the majority of these cases, the purpose - noble as it is - is mainly connected to education. Tennis World Foundation, on the other hand, aims to put tennis at the heart of the project. Through our beloved sport, it is possible to raise better people, more involved in our society as well as contribute to the creation of a better world. And that is the only way to discover a new talent, a new story that may be told in a future, hopefully, not so distant.