Tennis World Foundation: Wonderful Results From The Boland Wilson Masters

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Tennis World Foundation: Wonderful Results From The Boland Wilson Masters

The following phrase from Mother Teresa of Calcutta resonates with all of the staff of the Tennis World Foundation: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”. The hope of making a real difference animates our foundation, and to that end we are all extremely happy for the first successes of a project that is making great strides every day.

Two boys from the Tennis World Foundation have realized their first significant results. The event was the Boland Wilson Masters, and it took place in picturesque Stellebosch. Oyama Fikiso, who competed in the Under-12 category, won all of his matches!

Oyama is personally accompanied by Tennis World’s Federico Coppini to every tournament, including those organized by TSA (the South African Tennis Federation). At the moment, Oyama is ranked number 212 in the country, but has already showed tremendous promise and made enormous strides in improving his game.

The goal is to help him fulfil his potential so that he can be best tennis player he can be! By heeding Mother Teresa’s words and putting all of his passion into tennis, the sky is certainly the limit for this young man.

Oyama, however, was not the only TWF player to achieve significant results. At the Stellenbosch Masters Ayabulela Qeqe, who is 17 years old and loves tennis, placed fourth in the Open category, a brilliant achievement indeed.

Like Oyama, he has excellent skills and has improved greatly in recent months. Thanks to the support of the Tennis World Foundation, they can try to cultivate a dream. Both Oyama and Ayabulela use the Twf's full time of services, which provide them with everything necessary to play: racquet, stringings, shoes, clothing and - - essential - - accompanying to the tournaments.

Because It is good to be coached professionally in training, but the presence of skilled coaches in the tournaments is crucial to accompanying the children in their growth, by verifying progress when it really matters: during the tournaments.

The Tennis World Foundation is tremendously proud of introducing the wonderful world of tennis to these boys and others like them. Without the Foundation, they may never have had the opportunity to pursue these opportunities, and we look forward to many more stories like theirs in years to come!