What if you could donate money without actually spending any?

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What if you could donate money without actually spending any?

What if you could support charities without spending a single dollar?
What if you could donate and contribute to noble causes such as education, human rights and the environment by simply opening new tabs on your browser while surfing the web? It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all real!

This project is called Tab Tennis Foundation, and it all started with an idea from Federico Coppini, who wanted to find a way to support the causes he most cared about. During the last year, he felt the need of finding an alternative way to help children through tennis, and to help his Tennis World Foundation find the money it needed to realize its goals.

All of this, without spending a single dollar. This exciting project has been going for quite a while, and is now ready to start helping those who need it most! Federico came up with this innovative idea and decide to work with a talented group of developers to create an app for web browsers that automatically donates money to charities each time a person opens a new tab.

The concept behind this idea is very simple and straightforward. Each one of us spends a part of their day surfing the web and oftentimes opens several - if not hundreds - of pages. What would happen then if every time a new page is open, a few cents are donated to charitable Tennis World Foundation projects? At the end of each day, the total amount may not be that big, but each little bit helps and in the end it adds up to a lot of good!

The way Federico built the app is actually very clever. Once downloaded by the user, the app replaces all of the blank pages that usually come up when a new tab is opened. Tab Tennis Foundation actually replaces that blank page with a new page which has some interesting information, news and advertisements.

If you decide to watch the ads, then Tab Tennis Foundation receives the money from the advertiser and a donation is made. The user is then fully empowered to donate money without actually spending any of their own, and support Tennis World Foundation in its vision to help give children life skills and goals through tennis.

All of this, without any extra effort or a need to change browsing habits. As simple as this idea is, it actually changes for the better the way we browse online, because it turns a simple action into something that can help people in need.

But how much can each tab generate? The value can change, but it’s in the range between a tenth and a fifth of a cent per tab. That’s actually quite substantial if you think how many tabs we open each day. Do you want to contribute to the betterment and support of youngsters in need?
Just go to the Tab Tennis Foundation homepage and click on “Get the extension”.

From there, all you have to do is add the extension to your existing browser so that the download can begin. Once downloaded and installed, you may need to restart your browser. Now that you are all set: Tennis World Foundation thanks you, because it is only with your help that we can help the disadvantaged children that form part of our Foundation.

There are several projects to choose from. Tennis World Foundation helps poor primary schools in Tanzania, South Africa and soon in Mauritius. But there is even more! You can connect Tab Tennis Foundation to your Facebook account and see how many of your friends are also involved in this program.
You can also see how many tabs you have opened, as well as who opened the most tabs in the last week!